The holy Ramayana as a great epic of India has always fascinated and captivated millions and millions of people all over the globe since its inception as a great work of literature and art. In its birthplace, it is revered and worshiped as one of most sacred religious books. The great poets, Valmiki and Tulsidas, no doubt, immortalized this tale, forever.

Dr. Mohammad Aleem has written a classic play on the same theme and story in Urdu, mainly based on the great epic, Valmiki Ramayana. Many Indian scholars have translated it into different Indian and foreign languages. Many Urdu writers also followed that path. There are many versions of translation available in different libraries. We want to bring back that glorious tradition of rendering the great tale of Ram and Sita in chaste Urdu in a stage drama form which has never been attempted before. We will bring it on the stage with all its theatrical and technical requirements so the audience could enjoy it to the fullest. It will not only bring closer the Urdu knowing people to this great text afresh, but also help in forging loving ties between the two great religious communities of this great nation, Hindu and Muslim.

Our main objective is to reach out and add on the rich tradition of the great epic, Ramayana which has been coming since ages. It will be an enigmatic and memorable spiritual, cultural and literary journey for the great audience. We will use the best theatre actors available to make it a grand show on the stage. The traditional classical and modern music and songs will be used to make it entertaining and captivating. We will also use the poetries of the great Urdu poets like Iqbal,Brij Narayan Chakbast, Amir Khusro and others to make it robust and energetic.